Why Go Solar?


Are you tired of opening your electricity bills and finding the price has increased time and time again??


Below are several great reasons as to why going solar will benefit you at home and work. 


  • Reduce energy costs: A solar PV system designed correctly will reduce your reliance on grid-fed power, which in turn results in lowered energy costs. For every kWh your solar system generates, that's a potential kWh you don’t have to buy from the grid meaning savings for you.

  • Rebates: Thanks to the Government solar incentives, the cost to the customer is greatly reduced. For every kWh that is fed back to the grid, most energy providers will give you a rebate for each kWh which will be seen as a credit on your electricity bill.

  • Rising electricity prices: The rising cost of electricity continues and shows no sign of slowing. An Avid Energy Services Residential/Commercial solar system will offset your home/business electricity bill against these rising costs.

  • Affordability of Commercial Solar: As the cost of solar has come down, commercial PV has become the most economically sound solar product due to the economy of scale with each project. It is not uncommon for payback periods to be as low as 3-4 years.

  • Sustainability: A solar PV system can boost your public profile, demonstrating your environmental credentials and you commitment to clean green energy for many years to come – your solar investment will not only reduce your operating expenses but also eliminate tonnes of CO2 emissions.

  • Ideal for businesses: Solar energy is ideally aligned with the peak energy requirements for many Australia businesses, as the free energy produced falls within the hours of 9am to 5pm. Australia has some of the bluest skies in the world along with some of the highest peak sunlight hours. Take advantage today of free energy.





Shipp's Electrical can help

  • Reduce your electricity bills

  • Save money

  • Receive government and retailer rebates

  • Increase your house value

  • Reduce your impact on the environment

  • Support your local community by using local accredited Installers

  • Upgrade your existing solar system to meet your needs


We provide

  • Energy audit to size your system correctly

  • Quality systems customised to your needs and budget

  • Competitive prices with reliable service

  • We pride ourselves on offering exceptional after sales support

  • Installers and Designers approved by Clean Energy Council

  • Commercial and domestic systems available

  • Finance available to approved customers